Khokhobi (Georgian for pheasant) is the name of the first inhabitant of the city of Tbilisi (also known as Tiflis).

Based on the legend King Vakhtang Gorgasali (r. 447-502) went hunting with a falcon. The King’s falcon caught a pheasant, but both birds fell into a nearby spring, which turned out to be hot. King Vakhtang was so impressed with the discovery that he decided to build a city on this location and named it Tbilisi meaning “warm location” because of the area’s numerous sulphuric hot springs in the Abanotubani district.

Located in the heart of above mentioned district, Hotel Khokhobi seats right next to the famous Sulphur Baths.
With its beautiful fully-equipped rooms overlooking the city and the small streets of the old town, you will feel the heartbeat of Tbilisi city.
Our smiling and welcoming staff, ready to help you anytime, represent world famous Georgian hospitality.
The variety of views from our beautiful balconies and windows underlines the diversity of our city.
Small streets with its historical buildings, churches, mosques, fortress and small houses with beautiful colourful balconies, can hardly leave a person without deep impression.
Most visited district still does not disturb our guests from enjoying the relaxing and quiet atmosphere of the hotel located in the small ancient street of Abano.

Come and feel the heartbeat of Old Tbilisi with us!